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Amruta has been highly active in professional and experimental theatre, in India since 2010. 

She has been granted Maharashtra cultural centre’s ‘Rangsetu’ fellowship from the theatre fraternity for the year 2021-22. In 2019, she was the first woman from India to be awarded a scholarship under the 'Julie Goell Fund for Eccentric Women' to participate in the 'Eccentric Performing' program with Avner Eisenberg in the USA.  She has trained and collaborated with Clowns without Borders Germany [CLOG Germany] since 2016. In 2018, she was selected for ‘Laughter per Kilometer’, a project funded by CWB (Sweden). The project aimed to improve mental health by spreading laughter. It performed all over Mumbai for children of sex workers and women rescued from trafficking. 

In October 2018, she opened her solo, ‘Rapid-I-Movement’ in Mumbai. It was a Devised Physical Theatre performance exploring dream states and the subconscious mind, which questioned our understanding of reality . It was co-created with John Britton.  

As a Performance Artist, Amruta performed in Kolkata in January 2016, as a part of the Performance Art Festival; the piece replicated an image of the Greek goddess, Artemis. She performed at Bristol Arnolfini Gallery ( UK ), exploring ‘Pain and Healing’, a durational performance of 2 hours, under the guidance of JÜRGEN FRITZ.  She Performed 'Stuck' a piece that talks about the social, mental and political condition of modern India, in Bristol Harbour and Nikolas Market in Bristol UK. She was also interviewed by BBC Leeds Radio as an Asian Artist after her work in Bristol in 2015. 

She is the founder of Madman and Me, an organisation that explores diverse art forms and finds their connection to society. Through her company, she has  organised training opportunities for Physical Theatre and Clowning through several workshops and residency programs in various places around India.


She was an Associate Artist of DUENDE - an international company ( from the year 2017-2020) dedicated to physical ensemble work.

After performing and researching Clowning for 8 years, she has started touring her Clowning workshops. She has held workshops in Sindhudurga, Pune and in Mumbai.

Amruta has collaborated with celebrated artists, directors, performers, teachers and creators from all around the world, including John Britton (UK), Phillip Zarrilli (Aberystwyth,Wales), Avner Eisenberg (Maine, USA), Susie Wimmer, Max Windholz (Munich), Heimo Theil (Austria), Jurgen Fritz (Berlin, Germany), Rupesh Tillu ( India ) and  Aniruddha Khutwad ( India ) to name a few. 

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