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I am a Storyteller

is the primary medium of my expression. 


Occasionally, I dip into 

My work begins with exploring the integration of Body and Mind through interdisciplinary practices like Tai-Chi, physical theatre, Dance and Performance Art. From this foundation, I find the freedom to create work that respects the complexity of expressions in the body, and how to shape expression into performance and teaching. 


Born in Ratnagiri, a small town in the Konkan belt in Maharashtra, India, I began my theatre journey with my father, who was involved in folk and regional theatre. I graduated from Mumbai University with an MA in Theatre Arts, and have since trained and practiced within various performance disciplines from around the world. I am also a graduate of The DUENDE School of Ensemble Physical Theatre, Athens Greece and currently doing internship as a Dance Movement Therapy facilitator. (Certified by CID-UNESCO (International Dance Council, France) & Creative Movement Therapy Association of India (Institutional Member of American Dance Therapy Association). I am also an NLP practitioner certified by Transformative NLP internationals.

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